closed containment aquaculture tank system

Clean Farm Designs

IRAFS ensures safe disease free production of premium quality chemical free fish, consistently year-round.

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aquaculture raceway tanks

Scalable - Modular - Capable

The IRAFS team can design farms for the small or large scale producer, that can be expanded as needed.

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biomimicry inspired fish farming technologies

Most Favoured Technology

Closed containment aquaculture systems are the preferred choice of many environmental watch groups

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Eco-friendly Fish Farming Solutions

A confluence of demand factors such as global population growth and increased seafood consumption has greatly increased pressure on wild fish stocks, driving the need for sustainable, controllable, positive impact farming.

Consumers are increasingly demanding a cost-competitive, safe, reliable seafood protein supply which is appealing, nutritious, and raised with minimal environmental impacts. Land based aquaculture serves those needs.

Scalable Water Recirculation Modular Designs

Land-based aquaculture is anticipated to grow nine fold over the next 15 years. These controlled intensive aquaculture systems are intrinsically secure agriculture systems in which fish are reared on land in secure tanks using water recirculation technologies. No antibiotics or chemicals are used. Inputs to the systems can be controlled, so fish health, stock survival, production costs and quality assurance is comparatively easier to achieve than in other systems.

IRAFS - Integrated Recyling Aqua Farm Systems, constantly recirculate, clean and repurpose all system water.

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