IRAFS Aquaculture Consulting Group

fully itegrated aquaculture facilities

About Our Company

We are a group of experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds. Collectively we have experience in Horticulture, Agriculture, Aquaculture and cutting edge Aquaponic growing technologies. Our team members were among the first of the Canadian and USA pioneers that achieved significant milestones in researching and developing eco-friendly, land based, self-contained aquaculture and aquaponics production facilities and operational methods.

The IRAFS team believes in providing sustainable solutions today for a better tomorrow. We develop land based fish farms that incorporate aquaponics into their designs. Our team is dedicated to Biomimicry Inspired Solutions that emulate the workings of nature.

We are a canadian company with offices in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The founders of our company opearte from those offices and we augment our team with assocaites and consultants from various locations including the USA. This team of innovative personnel has the experience and abilities required to design, build and operate facilities that produce both “Sustainable and Green” fish products and plant - vegetable products.

Our Approach To Design

We believe that our scalable modular approach to design and planning provides many clients with the best way to start a farm. We design facilities as versatile as possible so that all systems from the beginning point forward can be pre-engineered to meet the needs of the small farmer who desires to start with just a few tanks, yet be able to build upon it by adding more modules to achieve larger annual production as the business expands.

We use a similar modular and scalable approach in designing large scale commercial aquaculture facilities. The IRAFS contained food production system produces safe high quality consumable products while minimizing the resource inputs and maximizing conservation.

We Don't Just Provide Design Services

We have extensive experience in operations, unit process cost control, quality management, product scheduling, market development and product diversification planning. We put our experience to work in helping our clients succeed and grow their business.
We also own and operate North Catch 360. The main goal of North Catch 360 is to make it easier for a producer to connect with and sell to seafood buyers and or distributors.

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