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In this section we publish our blog and articles on land based closed containment aquaculture, along with industry related information and opinions. Members of our team regularly read and review news stories relating to the aquaculture industry and post our opinions on news and stories we feel are relative to the industry and could be informative for our site visitors.

The IRAFS team also regularly endeavours to write and publish articles on developments within the Aquaculture, Agriculture and overall Natural Resource sector and management field. We believe that all these sectors do intertwine with each other at various degrees of importance and we consider it essential to review and cover all aspects, positions and cause – effects within the overall resource management field.

We further believe as do many others, that there are manifold interactions between fisheries, aquaculture and agriculture through the common use of land, water and other resources. These interactions often become apparent on a regular basis sometimes resulting in increased resource usage competition and even conflict. If we gain a better understanding of the needs of all sectors we may better be able to mitigate potential conflicts.

We like many others in our industry look forward to reading reports, publications and research papers that help us stay informed on current industry trends developments and activities; that have the potential to change how we do things in the future. Although we cannot reasonably expect to review everything available we always do our best to investigate and/or express opinions on many developments and published content.

From time time we may profile fish farming operations that are advancing designs and methods to improve productivity and sustainability within the industry.  Based on our seafood processing and marketing experience, we see initiatives aimed at improving productivity, reducing waste and increasing overall sustainability to be important to an increasingly larger portion of consumers.  Our work at North Catch 360 and related marketing intelligence suggests very strongly that consumers are increasingly demanding a cost-competitive, safe, reliable animal protein supply which is appealing, nutritious, and raised with minimal environmental impacts.  Reporting on activities and developments aimed at addressing these issues may help boost overall consumer confidence.

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About our team

We are a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Collectively we have experience in Natural resource management, Aquaculture, Horticulture, Agriculture and  Aquaponics. Our team members were among the first of the Canadian and USA pioneers that achieved significant milestones in researching and developing  land based contained aquaculture and aquaponics production facilities and specific operational methods. Our management team also has many years of experience in geoscience, geo-technical,  the fishing industry, seafood processing facility design, quality management – operational planning and sales – marketing.

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