Benefits of Recirculation Systems

By | January 9, 2017

A more sustainable solution within the thriving aquaculture industry is a production method called Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). This is a new age land-based fish farming method, has the flexibility to be fully operational in any environment.

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Highlights of IRAFS – RAS technology

  • Fully controllable year round constant farming and harvesting process designed to regularly produce fresh fish and produce on a consistent year-round basis. Scalable in scope to the operator and location siting requirements.
  • Safe production of premium seafood products that have widespread acceptance for quality. Wholesome chemical free fish is assured, that isn’t genetically modified.
  • Prevention of disease by bio-security measures without the use of antibiotics or chemical treatment. This same security measures also prevent escapement of fish stock.
  • These are totally contained farms located on land that capture and re purpose all fish manure while cleaning and reusing over 97% of all water.
  • Amenable to producing a wide variety of plant products using natural nutrient rich by-products reclaimed  from the waste water streams of fish production.
  • Utilizes Eco-friendly Green technologies in safe, secure, fully contained environments that can be housed within existing or new buildings.
  • A IRAFS farm maintains a Low environmental impact and requires only a small footprint, yet produces remarkable amounts of food, when compared to traditional methods.
  • These facilities can be located in large urban centres, in rural communities or near existing commercial facilities that have synergistic infrastructure and/or under utilized resources that can be put to beneficial use to generate revenue. Example: Environmental control using waste heat from remote power generation.

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