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Aquaculture presentations from around the world

Aquaculture Training and Employment

  Aquaculture has been identified as an important social and economic priority by the United Nations and for the Canadian and provincial governments. There is an increasing large demand for technicians, leaders and managers in the aquaculture sector across Canada and around the world. The field of Aquaculture offers meaningful and well paying jobs at marine… Read More »

Why Closed Containment Aquaculture?

  Fisheries and Ocean Canada the lead federal department in managing Canada’s fisheries,  in 2014-09-09, published the following statement on their website concerning closed containment aquaculture : Closed containment describes a range of technologies for aquaculture; from floating bag systems to land-based recirculating water systems. Closed containment is a barrier technology that attempts to restrict… Read More »

Namgis First Nation & Albion Farms and Fisheries – Kuterra land Based Salmon Farm

This is a short video about an amazing Land Based Contained Salmon Farm located  at Alert Bay, B.C., on Cormorant Island, adjacent to north Vancouver Island. The ‘Namgis First Nation is proving that environmental protection and salmon production can go hand-in-hand with their low-impact, land-based Atlantic salmon facility. Their slogan “Protecting the environment, improving farming” certainly… Read More »

Closed-Containment Aquaculture Systems Research and Development – Freshwater Institute West Virginia

This  short video provides a great overview of the Closed-containment Aquaculture Systems research at The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute. I had the opportunity to visit the Freshwater Institute a couple of times in the past and worked closely with personal and researchers from their organization in designing and building a commercial scale Recirculation  Aquaculture System… Read More »

Aquaponics video from Purdue University- YouTube

I found this interesting video while searching for related topics and wanted to share it with you, because i think that it also helps to demonstrate where the future aquaculture opportunities are. It’s an informational video about Aquaponics, the practice of combining fish farming and hydroponics. The program is an introduction to the recommended practices… Read More »