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By | September 30, 2017

Now the owner of Effing Seafoods, a supplier that opened its doors nearly two years ago, Tryon knows his particular seafood and word choices. The supplier is most known for bringing fish from New Zealand, Iceland, Hawaii and B.C. to Edmonton farmers’ markets around the city.Tryon cares deeply about where his fish comes from and the fishing practices that are used. But, he is very hesitant to use buzzwords like, “ethically fished” and “sustainably caught,” that are still highly subjective.“What does that mean? Where have you heard these words?” he says. “We are in the land of Oceanwise, we’re in the land of Seafood Watch, SeaChoice; they all have great bits and pieces to them, but personally, I don’t subscribe to them completely.”With his background, he’s confident he knows what practices are respectable and sustainable, which he says is all that really matters for amateur and professional chefs looking to buy quality fish.

Source: Fish out of water | Vue Weekly

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