Five Reasons why Farmers are turning to Aquaculture

By | October 14, 2017

1. Demand
America’s appetite for seafood is growing and with 83% of it being imported from outside of the country, farmers are recognizing an opportunity to feed this demand from their existing infrastructures.

Recirculating water fish farm

2. Sustainability
The UN has estimated that the world’s food output needs to double by 2050. With depleting wild stocks and an increasing demand for seafood, land-based, closed-containment aquaculture offers a sustainable source of protein that can be grown locally.

3. Technology
Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology is becoming cheaper, more efficient and environmentally friendly. Tank technology now offers a diverse selection of options from smaller FRP (fiberglass) tanks to larger energy efficient PVC-lined concrete tanks.

4.  Byproducts
Smart aquaculture operations are now producing profitable byproducts from their effluents. High-value greenhouse crops like tomatoes can be fertilized with fish waste water. At the same time, tomato beds are used as sand biofilters to clean the water of ammonia wastes so that it can be recycled back into the fish tanks.

5. Education
Aquaculture has long been recognized as a growth industry by post-secondary institutions; high school agriculture programs are also starting to follow suit.

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