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Aquaculture’s Next Big Thing?

More than a thousand walleye are in the six sets of circular water tanks at the UW-Stevens Point (UWSP) Aquaponics Innovation Center in Montello, Wis. And they swim around in near-total darkness, their environment protected by several sets of pitch-black curtains. “Walleye are sunset and nighttime feeders,” explained Chris Hartleb, UWSP professor of aquaculture and… Read More »

Why Closed Containment Aquaculture?

  Fisheries and Ocean Canada the lead federal department in managing Canada’s fisheries,  in 2014-09-09, published the following statement on their website concerning closed containment aquaculture : Closed containment describes a range of technologies for aquaculture; from floating bag systems to land-based recirculating water systems. Closed containment is a barrier technology that attempts to restrict… Read More »

Winnipeg Urban Agriculture | Contained Aquaculture – Aquaponics

  Manitoba Urban Aquaculture Project  Our business model uses IRAFS growing Technology. The IRAFS Closed Loop Production System produces safe high quality consumable products while minimizing the resource inputs and maximizing conservation. Based on science and technology, this farming method has emerged as the best green alternative to provide consumers with value, taste and convenience… Read More »

Canada urged to invest in land-based aquaculture – Aquaculture North America

http://aquaculturenorthamerica.com/News/salmon-escapes-incident-an-eye-opener-say-land-based-farms-s/# Supporters of land-based fish farms said the escape of thousands of Atlantic salmon from Cooke Aquaculture’s ocean-based farm in Washington State on August 19 should spur Canada into supporting land-based aquaculture. Source: Canada urged to invest in land-based aquaculture – Aquaculture North America

Namgis First Nation & Albion Farms and Fisheries – Kuterra land Based Salmon Farm

This is a short video about an amazing Land Based Contained Salmon Farm located  at Alert Bay, B.C., on Cormorant Island, adjacent to north Vancouver Island. The ‘Namgis First Nation is proving that environmental protection and salmon production can go hand-in-hand with their low-impact, land-based Atlantic salmon facility. Their slogan “Protecting the environment, improving farming” certainly… Read More »

Closed-Containment Aquaculture Systems Research and Development – Freshwater Institute West Virginia

This  short video provides a great overview of the Closed-containment Aquaculture Systems research at The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute. I had the opportunity to visit the Freshwater Institute a couple of times in the past and worked closely with personal and researchers from their organization in designing and building a commercial scale Recirculation  Aquaculture System… Read More »

From raising hogs to farming shrimp – Country Guide

The red tape has seemed incredibly excessive. It took just three years to get the government to list “Pacific White Shrimp” as a species grown in Ontario. Walking into Paul and Tracy Cocchio’s barn on a cold Ontario morning feels like a visit to the tropics, and rightly so, because the livestock the Cocchios are… Read More »