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From raising hogs to farming shrimp – Country Guide

The red tape has seemed incredibly excessive. It took just three years to get the government to list “Pacific White Shrimp” as a species grown in Ontario. Walking into Paul and Tracy Cocchio’s barn on a cold Ontario morning feels like a visit to the tropics, and rightly so, because the livestock the Cocchios are… Read More »

Aquaculture opportunities emerging in Manitoba – an expanding food farming sector in the Prairie provinces.

Aquaculture has been practiced in Manitoba since the late 1960s. It began with experimental stocking and fish growth studies in “pothole” lakes in the Erickson area in southwestern Manitoba. These pothole stockings were conducted by the DFO Canada Freshwater Institute and the Manitoba Government. Many of these lakes were considered to have the potential to… Read More »

Canada’s largest aquaponics vertical farm proposed for St. Stephen – New Brunswick – CBC News

Stewart Farms wants to establish Canada’s largest aquaponics and indoor vertical farming system in St. Stephen. Source: Canada’s largest aquaponics vertical farm proposed for St. Stephen – New Brunswick – CBC News The way we grow food in the world is differently changing. Given the rapidly expanding world population and declining food supplies, we need… Read More »

Intregrated Aquaculture And Aquaponics Systems

Multiple Sector Rapidly Expanding Product Demand Consumers are increasingly demanding a cost-competitive, safe, reliable food supply which is appealing, nutritious, and grown with minimal environmental impact methods. Farming of fish and plants together in a closed system offers an advanced and one of the most eco-friendly methods to help meet this demand. Source: IRAFS Consulting… Read More »

Kuterra aquaculture by ‘Namgis First Nation raises hope for wild salmon— and some hackles | National Observer

The ’Namgis First Nation, with advice and support from a large number of groups, including Tides Canada, conservation groups, and funding agencies, has launched Kuterra, a land-based, “closed-containment” aquaculture project that keeps their Atlantic salmon out of contact with the larger marine ecosystem. The company launched in the summer of 2014. Initially sold only in… Read More »

ASF Aquaculture

Atlantic Salmon Federation ASF supports the development of land-based closed-containment aquaculture. The closer one examines this technology, the more convincing the case for it being the future of salmon farming. In fact, the first commercial operations have already entered market production. Explore this new-wave aquaculture through these helpful vignettes.ASF has supported two land-based closed containment… Read More »