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Arctic Char – a Sustainable, Nutritious and Delicious Seafood Experience

  This is the Majestic, Exotic Northern fish sought after by many of the world’s greatest chefs and sportsmen alike. The Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) is found in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters across the northern hemisphere. It can grow to an exceptionally large size and is especially most often found in the clear and unpolluted… Read More »

Fresh Food in Remote Locations – Creating an Alternative Supply.

  The availability and cost of fresh food in remote communities is a serious problem in many areas. In Canada and elsewhere much of the fresh food available in remote communities is expensive due to the high cost of shipping. It is also often not as fresh as it would be in major centers due… Read More »

Canada urged to invest in land-based aquaculture – Aquaculture North America

http://aquaculturenorthamerica.com/News/salmon-escapes-incident-an-eye-opener-say-land-based-farms-s/# Supporters of land-based fish farms said the escape of thousands of Atlantic salmon from Cooke Aquaculture’s ocean-based farm in Washington State on August 19 should spur Canada into supporting land-based aquaculture. Source: Canada urged to invest in land-based aquaculture – Aquaculture North America

Work to start on Mission Waco’s Urban REAP aquaponics project – WacoTrib.com: Nonprofits

A muddy field at North 15th Street and Colcord Avenue next to the new Jubilee Food Market attracted a crowd Wednesday morning as ground broke for a $392,000 project called Urban REAP that will become a hot spot for raising food, catching and storing rainwater, and teaching students the value of energy conservation. Mission Waco… Read More »

Sherwood Park students’ enthusiasm grows for aquaponics | Edmonton Journal

While most of his Strathcona Christian Academy classmates are sitting in desks Wednesday morning, 17-year-old Schroeder is in a warm and humid portable classroom troubleshooting how to keep the pH down in the hundreds of litres of water trickling through fish bowls and plant beds.“I like science a lot, and I feel like I’m making… Read More »

Aquaponics video from Purdue University- YouTube

I found this interesting video while searching for related topics and wanted to share it with you, because i think that it also helps to demonstrate where the future aquaculture opportunities are. It’s an informational video about Aquaponics, the practice of combining fish farming and hydroponics. The program is an introduction to the recommended practices… Read More »