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Why Closed Containment Aquaculture?

  Fisheries and Ocean Canada the lead federal department in managing Canada’s fisheries,  in 2014-09-09, published the following statement on their website concerning closed containment aquaculture : Closed containment describes a range of technologies for aquaculture; from floating bag systems to land-based recirculating water systems. Closed containment is a barrier technology that attempts to restrict… Read More »

Winnipeg Urban Agriculture | Contained Aquaculture – Aquaponics

  Manitoba Urban Aquaculture Project  Our business model uses IRAFS growing Technology. The IRAFS Closed Loop Production System produces safe high quality consumable products while minimizing the resource inputs and maximizing conservation. Based on science and technology, this farming method has emerged as the best green alternative to provide consumers with value, taste and convenience… Read More »

New canola has exciting aquaculture possibilities – The Western Producer

  BASF and Cargill have developed what’s being called a “groundbreaking” canola, which they believe could expand demand the way high oleic canola did for the industry. The oil produced from their EPA/DHA canola will be used as a re-placement for fish oil in aquaculture diets. “What this does is really create a new market… Read More »

Work to start on Mission Waco’s Urban REAP aquaponics project – WacoTrib.com: Nonprofits

A muddy field at North 15th Street and Colcord Avenue next to the new Jubilee Food Market attracted a crowd Wednesday morning as ground broke for a $392,000 project called Urban REAP that will become a hot spot for raising food, catching and storing rainwater, and teaching students the value of energy conservation. Mission Waco… Read More »