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Fresh Food in Remote Locations – Creating an Alternative Supply.

  The availability and cost of fresh food in remote communities is a serious problem in many areas. In Canada and elsewhere much of the fresh food available in remote communities is expensive due to the high cost of shipping. It is also often not as fresh as it would be in major centers due… Read More »

The many sides of sustainability in aquaculture | The Fish Site

Following recent claims that culturing salmon in open net pens could become the most sustainable form of healthy protein production on the planet, Dr Bill McGraw assesses the relative merits of different aquaculture species and systems. As a specialist in the culture of shrimp in RASs, the conclusion he draws may not come as a… Read More »

Chinese-owned company plans to produce tilapia in Angola – Macauhub

Chinese state-owned company RSI Su, Lda is building 200 tilapia tanks in the Barra do Dande district of Angola’s Bengo province, the company’s spokesperson told Angolan news agency Angop. Pedro Panzo also said that this project represents an investment of US$1 million and the production will be sold both in the province and in other… Read More »

Americans’ seafood consumption up for third straight year – Aquaculture North America

“Three years’ worth of increase in seafood consumption is good news from a public health perspective,” said Rima Kleiner, MS, RD, registered dietitian at NFI and Dish on Fish blogger. “The fact that we see a variation in expansion and contraction across the top ten species, coupled with overall growth, is actually very positive. The… Read More »

Namgis First Nation & Albion Farms and Fisheries – Kuterra land Based Salmon Farm

This is a short video about an amazing Land Based Contained Salmon Farm located  at Alert Bay, B.C., on Cormorant Island, adjacent to north Vancouver Island. The ‘Namgis First Nation is proving that environmental protection and salmon production can go hand-in-hand with their low-impact, land-based Atlantic salmon facility. Their slogan “Protecting the environment, improving farming” certainly… Read More »

Aquaponics video from Purdue University- YouTube

I found this interesting video while searching for related topics and wanted to share it with you, because i think that it also helps to demonstrate where the future aquaculture opportunities are. It’s an informational video about Aquaponics, the practice of combining fish farming and hydroponics. The program is an introduction to the recommended practices… Read More »