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Manitoba Urban Aquaculture Project 

Our business model uses IRAFS growing Technology. The IRAFS Closed Loop Production System produces safe high quality consumable products while minimizing the resource inputs and maximizing conservation. Based on science and technology, this farming method has emerged as the best green alternative to provide consumers with value, taste and convenience in consumption of eco-friendly seafood and plant products. This is a safe, versatile and secure continuous production system.

We are a group of experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds. Collectively we have experience in Horticulture, Agriculture, Aquaculture and cutting edge Aquaponic growing technologies. Our team members were among the first of the Canadian and USA pioneers that achieved significant milestones in researching and developing eco-friendly, land based, self-contained aquaculture production facilities and operational methods.

This group of innovative personnel has the experience and abilities required to design, build and operate facilities that produce both “Sustainable and Green” seafood and plant – vegetable products.

The Winnipeg facility will be specifically designed to produce primarily organic fresh Arctic Char sold year-round and utilize the resulting valuable nutrient rich manure to cultivate high value plant crops consistently year-round . This type of operation has the flexibility of multiple revenue sources and can position the operators firmly to capture a share of important and emerging markets.

Our team is presently assessing the suitably of existing buildings and  infrastructure at several locations within the city. We are also forming an investment group and anticipate finalizing the design and operational plans in the near future.  Significant markets for all of the planned production have been identified and the initial disease free stock supply for the farm has been secured within the province.

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