Intregrated Aquaculture And Aquaponics Systems

Overview of Services

IRAFS provides facility design and operation business planning services to clients engaged in or entering into the aquaculture and aquaponics business. We provide clients with turn key opportunities or professional consulting on any individual aspect of the business. We offer solutions to the part-time or full-time owner / operators and commercial companies. These are totally contained farms located on land that capture and repurpose all fish manure while cleaning and reusing over 95% of all water.
From small family or community operated units to massive high volume fish and plant growing systems, the IRAFS team has turnkey designs to meet many budgets and needs.

I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning.
~Steve Jobs - Businessman, inventor, and industrial designer

IRAFS systems have their beginnings in the efforts of pioneering development work focused on designing and operating land based self contained farms, since the 1980’s. Consultants to the team have a track record that dates back to 1976. Our technologies and designs are amenable to achieving $100,000’s of thousand per year to $ millions per year in revenue from fish production alone.

IRAFS Technology

Design and Operational Highlights

  • Fully controllable year round constant farming and harvesting process designed to regularly produce fresh fish and produce on a consistent year-round basis. Scalable in scope to the operator and location siting requirements.

  • Safe production of premium seafood products that have widespread acceptance for quality. Wholesome chemical free fish is assured, that isn’t genetically modified.

  • Amenable to producing a wide variety of plant products using natural nutrient rich by-products reclaimed from the waste water streams of fish production.

  • Utilizes Eco-friendly Green technologies in safe, secure, fully contained environments that can be housed within existing or new buildings

  • A IRAFS farm maintains a Low environmental impact and requires only a small footprint, yet produces remarkable amounts of food, when compared to traditional methods.

  • These facilities can be located in large urban centres, in rural communities or near existing commercial facilities that have synergistic infrastructure and/or under utilized resources that can be put to beneficial use to generate revenue. Example: Rearing environmental control using waste heat from remote power generation.

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grow food at remote communities and mining - oilfield camps

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Opportunity Value Drivers

Multiple Sector Rapidly Expanding Product Demand
Consumers are increasingly demanding a cost-competitive, safe, reliable food supply which is appealing, nutritious, and grown with minimal environmental impact methods. Farming of fish and plants together in a closed system offers an advanced and one of the most eco-friendly methods to help meet this demand.
Increasing Need For Diversity
Expansion of population combined with the inherit limitations on available space and natural resources, continues to drive the need to expand food farming into non traditional areas using improved technologies and farming methods. Closed containment land land-based aquaculture and aquaponics is considered to be one of the preferred technologies for meeting the need in a sustainable manner.
Need For Nutrition, Employment And Economic Progress
On a world wide scale farming provides an important haven against global economic and financial turmoil, often more effectively than other sectors. In rural and remote locations producing food locally can not only create employment, but also serve to decrease the cost of acquiring food products while increasing their availability, along with nutritional content and selection.

Fish Tanks and Equipment

5 tank 25,000 Lb per year fish production module by Global Aquatics.
The flexibility of the S-09 modular unit is unparalleled in the industry for a turn key system.
The tanks and filters can be arranged to fit any building or nearly any space.
5 tank modules can be linked together indefinitely to produce 100’s of thousands of lbs of fish per year.

urban farming with aquaculture and aquaponics
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